The lapse of luxury

"It is bitter to have loved and lost than never to laugh it off," Bamuall Subtler

Friday, March 31, 2006

Verbatim verboten

Phrases and words to moth-ball :
(mm mm bad!)
  • mute testimony
  • moment of truth
  • moot point, esp. mute point (argh!)
  • moth-ball
  • master of one's own destiny
  • just a mo'

Apple orgy

Those who have the last lapse shall inherit the wind.

My sincere apple-orgies to my fellow punsters. Others came up with "the last lapse" before me, as a simple google will reveal. I'm sure it won't be my last lapse. Not even a case of punintentional plagiarism - these homonymic puns are just too obvious.

Have you ever read Finnegans Wake, the punsters Babble? It's discouraging... every pun I ever thought of is probably prophesied there.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


For my part... I'm so tired... tired skulking behind cultural facades, agreeing to unsubstantiated mores. And I don't want to feel guilty any more... sick of feeling guilt while trying my best and being unsuccessful. I want to learn from my mistakes and not live in hell for trifling regrets.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Language en-gendered

Welcome to The Laugh Lapse, a playground for my enthusiasms: language, philosophy, music, gamelan, satire, gay issues, science fiction, puns, etc.

I'll start off with an attack on the gender-ification of language, intentional or otherwise, a la herstory, a misconstruction implying that history derived from his story. Don't misinterpret this pet peeve of mine as a dislike of feminism. I'm all for it. As a fag, I've always known that the wasps (white anglo saxon protestant straights) don't like to share power, and always have to be the top (missionary or otherwise).

Along these lines I suggest the following sexual pairings:

emancipate, effemincipate

emasculate, femisculate

effeminate, andronate