The lapse of luxury

"It is bitter to have loved and lost than never to laugh it off," Bamuall Subtler

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

homo's pun wisdom 2

Last Sunday Commercial Drive was cleared of traffic for a street festival without cars. It's one of the most civilized days of the year in Vancouver, and I hope the planners succeed in making every Sunday a car free day. I strongly believe that urban areas need to be dis-carred to promote health, sense of community, reduce stress, and make more room for pedestrians so we don't have to compete for sidewalk space. And I should make a self-gratifying mention that Vancouver's most beautiful men visited en masse... drove me to distraction without vehicle exhaust.

In this photo I am "curbing my enthusiasm" (pic & pun courtesy of my buddy Gail) for the festivities to pun-der the following:

  1. border collies know rights of passage
  2. piety in the sky
  3. mobile phoneme
  4. homoless shelter
  5. colitis interruptus
  6. fragrant disregard
  7. laugh of the party
  8. savour the last dunce for me
  9. the last straw dogs
  10. crush course
  11. chute the shit = crapshoot
  12. the effluent society
  13. add fool to the fire; add fuel to the fear
  14. faux pause = longer than seemly
  15. bottomless pity


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tautology lost, tautology regained

Verbal lapses Robert Ganz or me really overheard,
and condemn with the strongest possible utmost force:

"I'm only confident of the things I'm sure of."

"I'm currently unavailable to answer the phone right now."

"Replicating identical retail environments again, again and again."

"...complete waste of time sometimes."

"According to the preliminary 2nd draft..."

"I wasn't able to leave until 9:00, and I didn't even get home until after that."

"Each and every item in the store has exactly the same unique feature."