The lapse of luxury

"It is bitter to have loved and lost than never to laugh it off," Bamuall Subtler

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

another paltry nude in the colonies

Work in progress, Copyright 2007 William Ting
i dont suffer a surfeit of fun, as a rule. but nudity usually gives me pause for a lark, or a diversion.

it's william ting's fault. he's a photographer buddy of mine whose art is growing by leaps and bounds. (in fact growing faster than metaphors can mix.) he seemed nervous because he hadnt done nude photography before, so his hem-hawing made me nervous. he kept planning and planning and planning shots (hmmm How do you avoid asking the model to remove his clothes?)

but then growing weary of the chipndale polititudes, i told myself "to hell with it" and shed. william ogled my accordion and we did a series of poses where the accordion and i collapsed into each other. we made jokes about porn with musical instruments, but nothing pornographic or even erotic cummed about, but it's more interesting this way.

i was surprised at how much i enjoyed looking at the pictures, looking at my body as an object. im usually an embarassed narcissist. i resembled me and yet the images seemed to have less me than even the image in a mirror. i suppose because it's ting's point-of-view and not my own; and that's a good ting.

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