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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

power of branding

Splenetic is an NGO which handles the worldwide distribution of artist body parts. Other international aid agencies have long recognized the specialized requirements of people in need of artists' organs. Unfortunately, governments have not been leaders in this grass-roots movement, detailed in the March edition of Organ Dump.

Although I don't have a medical background, I've lent my marketing skills to Splenetic Assoc Ex Corporat. Click on the sample organ donor & business cards to your right.

To learn more about the artist featured on the donor card, please see Evelyn, a Modified Dog & Dirty Love by Frank Zappa, the Negative Dialectic of Poodle Play by Ben Watson, and Voltaire. Fido's demise and redistribution is recounted in Portrait of an Artist as a Young Dog, Dylan Thomas.


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